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If you prefer to watch instead of reading, you can choose to watch the video I just uploaded above.

I think a good way to improve your own photography is to analyze why exactly you like the photos that you do like.

Saving photos on Instagram is a great way to be able to spot patterns in the photos that you love. When you see a great shot, save it. Come back a month later when you haveĀ  a bunch of shots saved, and try to see what they all have in common. Often, you can find patterns of similar elements in these photos.

For example, these can be simple things such as color or more complex things like a certain type of composition or minimalism that happens to thematically appear in your favorite shots.

Then write down these themes and try to figure out ways you can incorporate them into your own work. Systemically work on that for the next while. Rinse and repeat.

So even if taste can be a subjective thing, this method works in improving your work and bringing you closer to your goals.

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