My gear list 2019

It's been 9 months since I last talked about my gear, and a bit has changed since then. If you are...
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7 Analytical Lessons In Photography That I Learned In 2018

2018 has been my most productive year in photography so far, this year I shot more than ever...
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What Camera Do I Use?

The question every photographer gets all the time... What camera do you use? Here's what I...
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What Exactly Makes a Photo Good? – The 3 Key Ingredients

Recently I've really been asking myself one question over and over; why is it that I like the...
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Remembering Hong Kong Neon Signs

This is a video I made in order to document what was left of the neon signs during mid-2018.  The...
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The Advantages Of Being Untalented

Something that has been bugging me recently is how quickly people are ready to credit someone's...
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