5 Beautiful But Accessible Photo Spots In Dubai

Going on a holiday in Dubai and wondering where to get some good photos? Dubai is a city that...
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How To Choose The Best Mirrorless Camera For Travel

Originally titled "What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Buying My First Mirrorless Camera For...
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Overnight photo trip to Lake Kawaguchi & Mt. Fuji

While I was visiting Japan in early May this year, I decided I wanted to get a good photo of Mt....
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The Night Of Hong Kong Timelapses

Recently I went a few weeks in Hong Kong, and because I hadn't done a video in a while, I wanted...
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How To Do Rooftop Photography The Legal Way

One of the most common questions I receive on Instagram DMs is - "how do you get access to these...
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Two Months In Taipei – Best Pics

A year after buying my first camera in a Taipei mall, I was excited to return to this city. I...
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