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Night Photography Presets

Night Photography Presets


Lightroom presets are a great way to edit quickly and to learn how others do their edits. Presets don’t automatically make you an amazing editor, you still need to know the basics of Lightroom, but they can still be a great way to get started or develop some new ideas. I’ve used other’s presets in the past, and after using Lightroom daily for 3+ years, I have decided to share some of my own presets – mostly in the night, urban street photography niche.


Free Night Photography Presets

I have made some of my older cyberpunk style presets available for free download, all you need to do is add your email below. This preset pack features 4 different presets that I have developed over the years. Additionally, I’ve included Night Color 2 for free, a part of my new premium preset pack.

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Premium Night Photography Presets


Additionally, I have just created a more advanced premium presets pack that is available here. This preset pack is part of my own editing workflow, I often use it to find a good starting point and just to test out different potential color schemes. It has taken me weeks to perfect it. It is also mobile compatible.

Get my Premium Night Photography Preset Pack

I also have some editing tutorials available on my Teemusphoto Youtube Channel here.


How to get the most out of Lightroom Presets

Too often I see presets marketed as a “1 click editing solution”. But the truth is, you have to have some basic knowledge of lightroom in order to get the most out of any preset. There are simply too many variables in images to have 1 click solutions work all of the time. For my night photography preset packs, I often apply the preset and at minimum will have to adjust the exposure. Then I usually make small changes in highlights, shadows, contrast, color temperature and hue in order to get the look that I want. Additionally, presets only tend to work properly on RAW files, not JPEGs. If you use either of my free or premium preset packs, you can also benefit from knowing how I actually shoot my night street photos – read this for more details.


How to install presets on Mobile

For my premium night photography preset pack, I have made a mobile version available as DNG files. All you have to do is download the mobile version after making payment, and add it to your LR mobile. Then you simply extract the preset from the file and add it as a mobile preset (please make sure you’re using the latest version of LR mobile to have this feature available).

For my free preset pack, I didn’t make the DNG files readily available. For getting these presets on mobile, you will need to use the desktop version first. Open any of your raw images, apply the presets – then go to Export with preset, choose DNG. Add that file on your mobile, then extract the preset and add it to your mobile preset library. Alternatively, if you have Creative Cloud, you can just sync the file from Desktop to Mobile. This is only available if you purchased Lightroom with Creative Cloud sync.


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