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Kodak Vision3 is Kodak’s motion picture film, but it is actually possible to shoot this with stills cameras as well – there are many independent entrepreneurs who sell this film repackaged into 35mm cartridges, even if you can’t get it directly from Kodak.

I decided to try this film out, as I am a sucker for all things CINEMATIC. And what better camera to pair it with than the Xpan, panoramic film camera. Okay, technically I have the Fuji tx-1 version, but Google and everyone else confuses it with the xt-1, and because it’s literally the same camera as the Hasselblad Xpan but in a different skin, I decide to just call it the XPan for simplicitys sake. Please don’t sue me.

I pushed the film 2 stops as I wanted to shoot it handheld at night. Here are some of the results as well as the behind the scenes film photography vlog on my Youtube Channel.

Kodak Vision3 500t photos


If you’re interested in shooting kodak vision3, ask your lab first whether they can develop it, as there is a special process and not all labs may have the required chemicals. There’s always the option to develop it yourself as well, of course, which might be your only option if you live somewhere without many labs.

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