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Ricoh GR iii vs Fujifilm x100v

I’ve owned both these cameras for a while now and decided to make a comparison video on which one is the right choice for you.

Both of these cameras, the Ricoh GR iii, GR iiiX and Fujifilm x100v are great cameras, there’s just a few pros and cons, key differences.

These differences include size, battery life, low light, IBIS, picture profiles and a few more. The Ricoh is less expensive as well. Watch the video below to see the full review.

What I forgot to mention on the video:

  • The x100v has a viewfinder, the Ricoh doesn’t therefore making it more difficult to use at night
  • The x100v has a filter thread, the Ricoh needs an accessory for it
  • Both have built in nd filters if you ever wish to use them during sunny days


So in a nutshell:

  • GR iii is the perfect pocket camera, perfect stealth camera, the easiest camera to bring with you everywhere due to it’s tiny size
  • The x100v is a more complete full product. It’s objectively better at almost everything, however much bigger and at that point you gotta consider whether it’d be smarter to have an interchangeable lens camera with small primes instead of being limited to one focal length at quite a hefty price.
  • Gr iii is wider angle at 28mm, Fuji is 35mm. However if you want a ricoh closer to the Fuji, the newer gr3x is a 40mm focal lenght.

For me, if I could only pick one of these and not have any other cameras, I’d go for the Fuji. If I already have a killer main camera and just want something small to bring with me when I don’t feel like carrying a bigger camera, I’d choose the ricoh. Or when I’m mainly shooting film. Or when I don’t even feel like bringing a camera bag. Or when I’m traveling or hiking and size is absolutely critical.


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