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On this blog, I want to share tips and thoughts on photography and cameras, as nowadays that is what a lot of my life revolves around.

I’ve always liked taking photos, but I consider my photography “career” started when I bought my first camera in late 2015. Since then, it quickly went from a hobby to an obsession. I also shoot a lot of timelapses.

I lived and grew up in a small Finnish town for the first 19 years of my life, which might help explain why I’m particularly interested in shooting big city lights. Nowadays, while based in Dubai, I often spend months traveling and shooting around the world, particularly Asia.

I wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer in the traditional sense, although I do earn a side income from it. Long before I properly picked up a camera for the first time, I was doing online marketing as my profession, which is how I’m able to finance a lifestyle of nearly location independent travel.


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