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Winter in Japan Photo Book

I’m glad to announce that my photo book is now available on Amazon as well as Blurb directly. (Blurb is cheaper if you don’t live in the US / have Prime)


During the process of creating this book, my initial plan was to include about 100-150 images. However, as I’m self publishing, I quickly realized the costs would have been quite ridicilous, making the book cost close to two-hundred dollars. So I had to change the plan, including only 50 of the best photos, focusing on quality over quantity. In the end, this definitely created a much better end product. In photography, less is often more.

The price is still fairly high despite my profit margin being tiny, so this is definitely a passion project. However, I’m confident that I’ve created the best possible product, having spent countless nights shooting and freezing my ass of in Northern Japan just to occasionally get a good photo.

Here is the link to the product page. If you do decide to buy it, reviews would be very much appreciated.


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