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Hi guys, recently I was able to return back to Hokkaido once more, finally after the pandemic restrictions were over.
While there, I shot this cinematic youtube video.

I’ve been making videos for 2 years now, but I’m finally getting to a point where I feel proud of my work over there.
It’s taken a lot of learning, and a mindset adjustment. I spent 4 times longer on this video than usual, and I think it shows.

Anyway, my main camera on this trip was the sony a1. I also brought over the x100v, sony a7s3, a gimbal and 3 lenses. 50mm GM, 24mm GM, and the 18mm Samyang.

My youtube channel also has a fresh gear video, I haven’t had time to update the article on this website as it’s such an old medium that I’d rather do it over on YT these days.

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