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I recently started making How-To style YouTube videos on my “new” channel here.

With this whole pandemic thing, I found myself having a bunch of free time, so I decided it’s finally time to try youtube properly. I’d made a few videos in the past, but with 0 consistency and not really a huge amount of effort put into them.

A big thing that was holding me back was the awkwardness of speaking to a camera and the fact that I hated watching myself on video – but turns out, that gets better with practice. After about a week, it feels completely normal. Although I still use a thousand jumpcuts to hide the fact that I’m an awful presenter, but with practice I’m sure I’ll get better withing a year or two.

So anyway, here are some video you can check out:

And of course, please subscribe 🙂

Eventually, my goal is to delve into deeper and more complex topics, but I decided to work through the simpler, beginner friendly videos first. It gives me a chance to learn the ropes of video making and especially presenting. But if you keep following along, hopefully I’ll be able to progress into those more complex topics over time.


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