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As a photographer you are a content curator just as much as a content creator – so as an experiment, mostly for myself, I wanted to go through the archives and pick 10 of my favorite photos I’ve taken since I started shooting sometime in 2016. The order is random, as I can’t decide.


I took this photo in early 2017 yet I still haven’t been able to come up with an edit that I’m completely happy with. The pure force of lightning did some weird things to the light, so none of my regular editing techniques seem to work. Regardless, it is one of my proudest photos, one that will be difficult to replicate – Dubai barely ever gets thunderstorms.


This is a photo I worked very hard to shoot, I even wrote a blog post about the journey. It hit the front page of Reddit via r/Earthporn, and multiple people accused me of having photoshopped the stars in.


A photo that just looks good to me. Yodobashi Camera is one of my favorite buildings in Tokyo and this is my best shot of it.


My first “cyberpunk” style photo, shot only on my second day in Tokyo. I will always love this one.


Foggy Dubai Marina, one of my only B/W suited shots.


The glamour of Dubai Marina. A photo that keeps getting Instagram features. It’s probably the most easily copy-able shot on this list.


A random moment inside a metro that looks like the beginning of a love story. One of 5 photos I took that day, I only noticed the moment later. This photo made me understand how some photos can have a story inside of them.


It rains often in Singapore, but rarely this hard. It’s my favorite view of the city with a great color. I kept my friends waiting for half an hour while taking this photo, as I’d never seen the city like this before.



The Bloodmoon Lunar eclipse framed with Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Once in a lifetime opportunity, although I wish I planned ahead more, but the photo came out okay.


A still frame from a timelapse during an epic sunrise in Dubai. A brief clear period between 2 storms resulted in bizarre colors.

My plan is to make this same post in a year from now and see how much has changed. I suspect at least 3-4 of these photos should be replaced and many of them re-edited. It was harder to pick 10 than I thought. If you’re a photographer, try it out!

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