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Osaka is one of my favorite cities in the world when it comes to photography (and maybe food). Especially the Dotonbori area, which this post will focus on. It’s also worth walking down to Namba, or really anywhere within 5 kilometers of the area – it will take a few days of shooting to fully visit every small street corner here. Other than these areas, it’s also worth checking out Sinsekai and the area around Osaka Station.

This post will feature some of my favorite street photos that I took while in Osaka. If you’re heading to Osaka yourself, it might be worth also taking a train to Kyoto, as it’s only about an hour away. Click here to see some Kyoto street shots.

Anyway, back to Osaka…

Authentic neon in the rain – peak aesthetics!


This gate at the start of the Dotonbori district is awesome for the same reason – real neon.


Despite this view being fairly cliche, I found it very difficult to snap photos of the Dotonbori river basically any time I happened to walk past.


Rainy days are good for sometimes creating steamy windows, allowing for a mysterious atmosphere. (For more rain photography tips, read this article I wrote recently)


The Sinsekai district is famous for the viewing tower. It has a couple of nice streets as well. According to locals, this area can be somewhat “dangerous”, but this being Japan, I just have a feeling that people were somewhat exaggerating. It’s not exactly a ghetto. But perhaps something to keep in mind.


Steam – this time from a dumpling pot on the foreground.


Do I take too many photos of taxi drivers? Sometimes I can’t help it, the light just tends to look good and then I have to take a shot.


A couple of daytime shots around Dotonbori. Been experimenting with underexposed daytime shots for a darker mood.


During my last night in Osaka the forecast said there was a chance for snow. After stalking the weather radar 24/7, some snow arrived at 3am, for less than 10 minutes total. These were the only shots I managed to get. But snow here is so rare anyway that I’m not complaining.

Hope you liked these street shots from Osaka. This is a city I always look forward to visiting! And as always, for more of my photography you can look around this blog or find me on IG as @teemu.jpeg.


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