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How To Create Sliding Instagram Panoramas

Love it or hate it, Instagram is the biggest social media platform for photography at the time. Not that long ago, most photographs were viewed on bigger, traditional horizontally-aligned desktop screens – and long before that – in physical formats, in the same horizontal dimensions. But mobile phones and ever shorter social media attention spans have changed that – now, if you want your photos to be seen, particularly on Instagram, they almost have to be vertical. Vertical shots take up more real estate, so they’re harder to miss, and obviously look a lot more beautiful as they can use more of the small mobile phone screen. Square format photos still do okay, but if you’ve ever tried posting something in 16×9 on Instagram, you will quickly notice that over half of your normal likes will be missing.

Enter Instagram galleries, a feature that was recently released. Users now can post multiple square format photos in the same IG post. As a side effect, some users very quickly realized that if you crop a panorama in the correct dimensions, and then post it in succession with the gallery feature, the result will be a swipeable panorama. This allows you to post horizontal images and receive proper engagement and reach, a feat that previously was nearly impossible.

The only problem was that since this was not a feature Instagram specifically planned, cropping these panoramas was a bit of a pain. First, the source image had to be cropped in the correct dimension, be it 1×2 or 1×3 or 1×4 even. Then, one had to go and crop the image again, multiple times, to combine the squares. If you made a slight error or the source image wasn’t in the correct dimensions, the effect was ruined. The need for a single app that could do the crop at once was obvious. So I got to work, hired some devs and made this app.

Panogr – Crop Swipeable Panoramic Galleries For Instagram.

With Panogr, you can crop the source image with one click of a button. You have 3 choices for the end result aspect ration, 1×2, 1×3 or 1×4. The app then converts the panorama into 2-4 evenly cropped squares that you can save into your gallery and subsequently post on Instagram. If you do use the app, remember to use the tag #panogr to show the results!

Currently, the app is free but only available for iOS. If there are significant amounts of users to make it worthwhile, an android version is possible.

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