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NFTs – non fungible tokens – are a way to sell your artwork on the ethereum blockchain. What you’re really selling is kind of like a digital collectible. Essentially, it’s just a token of authenticity. It can be difficult to wrap your head around this new NFT world, so I’ve spent some time trying to digest it for you.

You are not selling any kinds of rights or prints, unless explicitly stated and decided by you. You’re only selling pictures or digital files of your art. Confused? Yeah, I was too at first.

Think of it like video game items or collectibles. They’re just pixels. NFTs are like a game on the blockchain. These tokens can be traded much like the real world art market.

Let me try to explain it a bit more in this video:


And here is a follow up video that I made 2 weeks after, after having sold NFTs of my own:

In summary:

  • People invest in stories, if you and your art has a story, it has a better chance of selling
  • Platforms don’t matter as much as marketing – You don’t need to be on Foundation, just get on Rarible or Opensea
  • Start building a network on Twitter, that’s where the community is
  • No, NFTs are not destroying the environment
  • NFTs can be resold on the secondary market, just like regular art. You’ll receive a commission on resales too.
  • Why collectors buy NFTs
  • NFTs can be a great way to make a full living or at least supplementary income as an artist or a photographer, as long as this is not a total bubble, which I think it’s not.

I’ll be updating this article as I learn more. Let me know if you have any questions on my youtube comments section.

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