The sleeping giants have finally woken up and realized the obvious future of cameras. In addition to Canon and Nikon releasing their first full frame mirrorless cameras, Panasonic has also joined the game. This post will briefly summarize the 3 new full frame mirrorless options: Canon z7, Canon EOS R and the Panasonic S1R. But are they a match to Sony?


Canon EOS R

Let’s start with Canon, because this will be quick. There was a lot of hype surrounding this camera pre-release, but it quickly died as everyone realized that Canon wasn’t serious about the camera at all. They released a half-assed 2015 DSLR without a mirror, that is overpriced and under-featured. I cannot recommed this camera for anyone, wait until Canon actually tries to innovate, or better, switch to Sony, Fuji, Nikon or Panasonic.


Nikon z7

Nikon appears to have been a lot more serious about their mirrorless offering, and if you follow any photography related vloggers, forums or websites, you must have noticed how hard Nikon is also advertising their new product.

This camera doesn’t necessarily innovate anything, at least not yet, but especially after the Canon debacle, it looks like a great entry into the full frame mirrorless market. The specs and performance is close enough to the Sony A7iii that it makes me optimistic about Nikon in the future. For now, it makes the most sense for existing Nikon DSLR users who wish to switch to mirrorless, as all the old lenses can easily be adapted onto a Nikon body. For someone starting on a fresh plate, Sony is still a better option. View the full specs of the Nikon Z7 here.


Panasonic S1R


The most unexpected out of these three was the Panasonic announcement – as Panasonic already makes micro four-thirds models. Companies like Nikon and Canon would never risk cannibalizing their own sales in this way, but Panasonic is pushing forward and we applaud them for that. They have partnered up with Leica and Sigma to create the newly announced Panasonic S1R. Not that much is known about this camera at the time of this writing, and it isn’t available for pre-order just yet, but the specs look promising. Essentially it will be like full-frame, improved GH5, with 60fps 4k. This coupled with Leica glass could be really exciting.

However, because we can not have nice things, Panasonic still seemingly hasn’t switched to a proper auto-focus system, which is my biggest annoyance with the system currently – auto focus is unsuable for video due to the horrible focus hunting and horrendous accuracy.

It also has weather sealing, a feature that’s missing from Sony’s offering (I recently broke my A7r2’s screen due to this).

If only they could fix the auto focus, I’d be all over this camera. I will update this post as we learn more.

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